Paws for Coffee started out of a love for our little fury friends. Our founder, Louise, is an experienced dog trainer who started out walking dogs over 14 years ago. As the demand for her services increased, she decided to create ‘Sociable Canines’, a doggy day care centre based in Chessington.

Sociable Canines have a large open space where dogs are allowed to run free all day and partake in socialisation and training with the owners! Your dog is also picked up and dropped off to your door!


Next on Louise’s list was creating a café where dog walkers and owners feel totally at home! At Paws for Coffee, dogs and humans are treated equally, so much so that there are two menus, one for dogs and one for humans!

We also run a whole host of different events at both of our locations, from breed themed parties to talks and live music events. Head over to our events page to find out more and get involved!


The relationship between people and dogs is truly unique and incredibly dynamic. Among domesticated animals, only dogs are capable of performing such a wide variety of roles for humans: herding sheep, assisting with disabilities and above all, being our beloved companions.

This is why we wanted to create a haven for doggies and their owners, where both are catered for equally with coffee and Puppachinos. All dogs get free treats during their visit, but only if they ask nicely of course!